Sports Performance Physical Therapy

Train Your Best

Sports performance physical therapy is intended to help healthy athletes succeed.

Positive Energy Physical Therapy & Sports Performance in Redondo Beach will address your deficits and create a gym-based program to help you run quicker, jump higher, swing faster, hit harder, or cross the finish line.

Here is how we do Sports Performance physical therapy:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Expertly examine where are you deficient
  • Set goals
  • Provide a path with solutions for your needs

Once we’ve got a sports performance plan, we can do one of two things with it:

  1. Teach you a program that you do on your own
  2. Lead and supervise workouts in our gym or on the field with your teammates

Every body is different and customized programs are the key to sports performance success. Your physical therapist will assess how well you function, and then lead you through a program to optimize how well you move and perform athletically.

Commonly asked questions about sports performance physical therapy:

Q: How does this workout differ from training with a trainer?
A: The two types of workouts will feel similar and the intensity will match closely. The greatest difference when training with Positive Energy Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, we take extra care to minimize risk and avoid any overtraining injuries. In designing a sports performance program to push your body further, we also factor in previous injuries and attend to them while you train.

Q: I’ve finished physical therapy; how can I continue to work with my physical therapist to push my body’s limit?
A: Once the pain is gone,  your physical therapist will work with you to reach your new goals. You’ll attain new heights that you never thought were possible when you were hurting from sports injuries.