Our Services

Physical Therapy

With a hands-on approach, your Positive Energy physical therapist will identify the source of your symptoms, then develop a highly customized rehabilitative program aimed at helping you feel your best.  Your PT will work alongside you every step of the way until you’ve reached your peak potential.

Gait Analysis

A walking or running gait cycle is a predictable series of movements of the legs that provides forward propulsion.  Most of us never give thought to our gait cycle until we hurt and recognize something is wrong.  Our gait analysis will find where your cycle is off and get you back moving your best.

Sports Performance Physical Therapy

Every body is different and customized programs are the key to our athletic success.  Your physical therapist will assess how well you function then lead you through a program to optimize how well you move for optimal sports performance.


You don’t need to be broken to get help and be better.  Our approach with prehabilitation physical therapy is to prevent injuries by restoring imbalances and normalizing deficiencies.  Save your best by preventing injuries before they occur.

Because we are athletes as well as certified physical therapists, we offer physical therapy specialties for athletes. We have physical therapists particularly knowledgeable and skilled with therapy for ACL rehab protocol, strength and conditioning coaching, dance injuries, gymnastics injuries, ice skating injuries, first responder fitness, recreational athlete fitness, weekend warrior injuries, combat sports injuries, running injuries, aging athlete injuries, and of course, sports injury prevention.