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Be Valued.
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Imagine being a part of a company with clear vision, direction, teamwork and accountabilities for every member. You are not just held accountable, but you are supported, coached and fostered in your professional growth. We’ve created, and continue to improve, this exact environment where you can be the professional you want to be.

You are an extremely important part of our team and are integral to taking care of our clients by making them feel comfortable, welcome, important and valued.


Positive Energy is a niche outpatient practice providing expert care for lower quarter injuries. We offer a cutting-edge slow-motion walking/running analysis for all clients and athletes. The population ranges in age from 12-80 years. Each appointment is booked for 45 minutes of one-on-one time with a therapist. Positive Energy offers a supportive rehabilitation environment in which we believe we can progress all patients along the continuum of health and function to their peak potential.

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