Physical Therapy

Feel Your Best

Positive Energy Physical Therapy & Sports Performance in Redondo Beach knows there are a lot of choices when it comes to physical therapy. Just like an auto mechanic or school teacher, the good ones do it better. You trust them, and you’d send your best friend to get the same experience you did. Our goal is to be your trusted physical therapist in Redondo Beach and the surrounding South Bay communities.

How does Positive Energy Physical Therapy & Sports Performance do physical therapy better?

We’ve designed a business model that is centered around helping you.

  • We give you more time. Each appointment you will be scheduled for 45 minutes without overlapping in to another client’s time. The 45-minute window we give to help you is not the norm but the exception in the PT industry practice.  Other physical therapists may give you only a third or half of the time we do.
  • All your care will be provided by a physical therapist; not by an assistant or aid.
  • Your physical therapy will be provided by the same physical therapist each appointment.
  • If your symptoms are the result of repetitive microtrauma we search for the source because if we reduce what caused the problem, you will get better faster.
  • We advocate for you in the overwhelming and complex health care system.
  • We communicate with your medical doctor to ensure all your care is intended for what you want.
    We offer extended hours of care 5 days/week.
  • We have free and easy parking at our convenient Redondo Beach location.

Our physical therapy model is about helping you feel your best. With a hands-on approach we will identify the source of your symptoms, then develop a highly customized rehabilitative program aimed at helping you feel your best. We will work alongside you every step of the way until you’ve reached your peak potential.