Running Analysis & Physical Evaluation

Have you ever had a running assessment performed on your gait? It’s important to take care of your gait. This is a issue we are seeing more and more in new runners today. The next time you are purchasing a new pair of running shoes, please make sure that it is a great fit for you.

Physical Therapist for Runners Knee Running AnalysisJust like choosing your running shoes, you should also be critical about choosing your running trainers. You want someone who can run your pace and not over exert your run style. Check out a breakdown of our week training running assessments analysis along with our physical therapist’s recommended plan of action for your running situation.


What is it?

It is an in-depth study of your running analysis. We take 2-dimensional video of you running on a treadmill while wearing joint markers that allow us to make accurate assessment of joint angles. Strength and flexibility as they pertain to running are also assessed. We evaluate your run mechanics, strength, and flexibility and outline our findings in a 10-15 page document. We also provide a recommended plan to provide strategies for improvement based on your stated goals.

How long does it take?

The entire assessment takes about 90 minutes. Your report will be provided within a week after the assessment.

What is included?
  • 90 minute running analysis with two physical therapists
  • 10-15 page PDF report outlining findings, assessment, and recommendations
  • A 30-minute follow-up appointment to review report
What should I bring?
  • Your running shoes
  • Shorts (dark-colored and fitted work best)
  • For females, sports bra or fitted tank top
Will my insurance cover it?

No. Follow-up visits for treatment may be covered.

Who is it for?
  • An individual who has pain while running
  • A new runner who is interested in decreasing risk for injury
  • An experienced runner who is interested in improving performance and/or decreasing risk for injury
How is this different than a standard physical therapy evaluation?
Physical Evaluation Therapy Running Analysis
45 minutes 90 minutes
One physical therapist Two physical therapists
Analysis of running mechanics using 2-dimensional video In depth, slow motion study of your trunk, hips, legs and feet during seven phases of your run cycle.
Does not include comprehensive report summarizing detailed findings Incudes comprehensive 10-15 page report summarizing detailed findings and recommendations
May be covered by insurance Not covered by insurance