• August 29, 2023

Postpartum Physical Therapy in Redondo Beach

schedule postpartum physical therapy in Redondo Beach to nurture your body

Postpartum Physical Therapy in Redondo Beach

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Did You Know Positive Energy in Redondo Beach Offers Postpartum Physical Therapy?

Congratulations, you are now a mom! Whether you have one or more children, your body has worked hard to make and nurture those children for nine months. You may still have one who is breastfeeding.

Your Body Deserves to be Nurtured too!

Your body has undergone many physical changes. Consider seeking postpartum physical therapy at Positive Energy PT in Redondo Beach for your body’s posture improvement, pelvic floor and core strength external assessment, C-section scar treatment, upper and lower body strength, and overall wellness.

Postural Changes

Postural changes may have occurred because of your abdominal muscles elongating to allow your uterus to expand to accommodate the baby. This can lead to new or worsening symptoms in the neck, upper back, or lower back. Positive Energy’s physical therapists are trained to evaluate your posture and help you correct it!

Abdominal Muscle and Pelvic Floor Strength

Your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor strength are impacted due to ligamentous laxity that occurs during pregnancy and the lengthening of core and pelvic floor. You may notice back pain or hip pain. You may also experience urinary incontinence or stress incontinence (hormones with breast feeding also influence this).

The abdominal muscles wrap around the torso in a corset facing multi-directionally. Sometimes, these muscles stretch to the point of deprecating. This is called diastasis recti. This condition will impact the strength generation of your rectus abdominis muscles. Your physical therapist can evaluate you for this.

positive energy - postpartum physical therapy types of diastatis recti

When these muscles are performing optimally, the muscular contraction causes a flattening of the abdominal region. Also, increasing the strength of your core enables your return to exercise, back pain alleviation, pain reduction when lifting children or items, and standing and sitting posture improvement.

Pelvic floor anatomy is likened to a sling. As it contracts, it tightens over the urethra and anus to improve continence, muscle tone, and muscle timing — so you can return to running. Or maybe your goal is to be able to sneeze without leaking!

positive energy - postpartum pt pelvic floor muscles

Postpartum C-Section Scar

At Positive Energy Physical Therapy, we can also assess and treat postpartum C-section scar tissue. The skin has seven layers, and it is important to get these moving to improve mobility and circulation and reduce fascial restriction in the area. Optimal fascial movement affects your posture, circulation, body movement, and muscle groups length and strength dynamics.

Targeted Postpartum Physical Therapy

Positive Energy Physical Therapy can create a targeted postpartum physical therapy plan for you. Along with a well-rounded exercise program that may include cardiovascular exercise, and strength training for upper and lower body, we’ll help you return to having a strong, flexible, and pain-free body.

At Positive Energy Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, we aim to get your body back to optimal condition! Call us to see how we can help you with our postpartum physical therapy. When you come in, please inform your physical therapist of the number of pregnancies and births, whether vaginal or C-section delivery, any pre- or post-natal issues, as well as other body areas of concern and whether they existed pre- or post-natal.

We want you to be back better so you can keep being the great mom you are!

For more information, about postpartum PT, talk to a Positive Energy Team member.