Snapping hip syndrome

physical therapy for dancers girl with hip pain

Presentation – Physical therapy for dancers

Dancers with snapping hip syndrome complain of superficial and/or deep pain at the front portion of the hip. Pain can vary in intensity from mild to severe. Dancing is often self-limiting. If your a dancer, or someone who stays physically active, consider finding professional help for your therapeutic needs.

Physical therapy for dancers is needed if the pain becomes anything less than unbearable. Symptoms will almost always worsen with continued dancing. Most times dancing can place alot of stress on your lower body, more specifically your knees. Click here if your experiencing knee pain.



What It Is

Strain of hip flexor musculature resulting in rubbing of the band on the bony structures of the hip. If you need more information, click here for our services.

Contributing Factors

• Poor dancing mechanics: pelvic drop, hip internal rotation, hip adduction, anterior pelvic tilt/excessive lumbar lordosis
• Core and/or hip weakness
• Hip flexor tightness
• Over training or inadequate rest

Treatment & Management/ Positive Energy’s Physical Therapy for Dancers includes:

• Correct dancing mechanics
• Dance-specific strengthening routine
• Dance-specific stretching routine
• Rest and ice