Athletes / Runner’s Knee

Physical Therapist for Runners Knee in South bay and redondo Beach


Individuals with runner’s knee typically complain of anterior knee pain associated with running, squatting, jumping, stair ascending, or stair descending. Pain can vary in intensity from mild to severe. Running is often self-limiting. Consider physical therapy for runners knee. Symptoms will almost always worsen with continued running.



What It Is

Excessive compression of the knee cap or strain of connective tissue resulting in pain.

Contributing Factors
  • Leg weakness
  • Hip flexor and/or quadriceps tightness
  • Quadriceps dominance
  • Poor running mechanics: knees-over-toes, hip internal rotation, hip adduction
  • Over training or inadequate rest
Treatment & Management
  • Run-specific strengthening routine
  • Run-specific stretching routine
  • Correct running mechanics
  • Address training volume
  • Rest and ice