Athletes / IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome


Individuals with iliotibial (IT) band syndrome complain of lateral knee and/or hip pain. Oftentimes the symptoms present during the warm-up phase of their run, dissipate, and then re-present later in the run eventually causing them to stop running. Click here if your experiencing runner’s knee.



What It Is

Mechanical compression of the IT band resulting in rubbing of the band on the bony structures of the hip and/or knee.

Contributing Factors
  • Poor running mechanics: pelvic drop, hip internal rotation, hip adduction
  • Leg weakness
  • TFL and/or IT band stiffness
  • Hip flexor and/or quadriceps tightness
  • Over training or inadequate rest
Treatment & Management
  • Correct running mechanics
  • Run-specific strengthening routine
  • Foam roll TFL and IT band
  • Run-specific stretching routine
  • Rest and ice