Running Gait Analysis

Running Gait Analysis machine Physical Therapy athletes expertise

Running through the checklists with our state-of-the-art machines. We are able to determine many factors that can help with your gait. We can offer a wide range of physical therapy sessions and as well as talk about our gait analysis cost and week programs.


Gait Analysis


A gait analysis will help you to learn what movement impairments occur during your gait as well as the elements that are contributing to these impaired patterns.


How it works:

A physical therapist will examine your strength, flexibility, and joint motion. Then we will collect video and muscle activity patterns while you are running/walking on the treadmill and doing other movements or drills. Within a week you will be provided a complete report of findings and the physical therapist’s recommended plan of action. Recommendations can range from a few prescribed exercises to a complete 16-week program with a physical therapist.


Who it’s for:

Anyone who wants to address pain, improve performance, or decrease risk of injury associated with walking/running