JC Frisancho, MD

I trust Positive Energy Physical Therapy with my patients as well as caring for myself and family. I refer many of my operative and non-operative patients and they are very happy with the care they receive. The energy and environment at the practice is upbeat and a great place for healing. Not only are the staff expertly trained but they are supportive, motivating and personable.

Robin K, MD

I have worked with Positive Energy Physical Therapy for over a year after several injuries to my shoulders and hips. The team there has helped me across the full rehab spectrum, from managing my post-operative condition to enhancing my athletic performance in competitive cycling. They are experts in the field of rehabilitative medicine and have a genuine interest in developing a patient specific plan of care which incorporated my desire to train hard and compete. If you wish to attain the best for and from your body, this PT group is the one for you.

Robert Sostrin, MD

After five months of physical therapy at Positive Energy in Redondo Beach, California, I considered myself approximately 75% improved after receiving a diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder syndrome.

The day I began physical therapy with Sean Ryan, I announced that I was dubious of a positive outcome, having never before had any significant relief with P.T for other orthopaedic issues. Sean just smiled and took it as a challenge. Within a few weeks I noticed significant pain relief and significantly increased range of motion. During subsequent treatments, I realized slow but progressive improvement. Finally, Sean left me with detailed instructions for continued self therapy at the end of our time together and achieved significant improvement to the point where I now function at about 80% to 90%.

In spite of my earlier reservations, my time spent with Sean exceeded all of my expectations. He is not only an excellent therapist, willingly giving up his time, but also a kind and considerate person, who I would, without question, recommend to anyone in a similar situation.

Randy S, MD

I consulted with Positive Energy because I was unable to run without experiencing pain. These guys really know their stuff. They have the proper high tech equipment to video analyze my running and they were generous in giving me plenty of attention during each visit. I consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and he encouraged me to see Sean at Positive Energy. I am now able to run without pain!


Michael Sevier

Two to three times a year I would throw out my back and would be out of commission for a month or more. I tried everything—chiropractic, strengthening my core, Yoga, Pilates, massage, ART. Then I met Sean Ryan at Positive Energy Physical Therapy through triathlon racing. He spent a lot of time analyzing my mechanics. He figured out that I was not using my muscles effectively and was overusing my back and quadriceps muscles. He taught me exercises to learn how to use my glutes, back, and quads. It has been a year and I have not had any back problems. It also fixed my knee and hip problems. I am ready to begin racing at the level I once did and I have Sean to thank. Sean’s easy going demeanor should not hide his determination to find solutions. He will find your issue and then give you the tools to fix it yourself.

Susan Herron

In July 2010 I had a knee replacement and went to Positive Energy Physical Therapy for rehabilitation. Sean Ryan picked up on a walking issue that was due to years of walking with uneven leg length. Sean designed a program that targeted my leg length and walking issue, made a lift to put in my shoe, and contacted my orthopaedic surgeon and podiatrist to discuss my case. I have had physical therapists before so I know the difference between one who just does their job and one who goes above and beyond. Sean’s care and commitment to my complex situation was encouraging and motivating. When my other knee has to be replaced I will be back at Positive Energy again!

Ed Mccall

My orthopedic surgeon suggested Positive Energy Physical Therapy because after a hospital stay, 3 MRI’s, an EMG, and an ultrasound, he just did not know what was causing my leg pain and weakness. I remember Sean Ryan’s response after the hour exam: “I’m not certain what the cause of your problem is but if you give me 6 months of therapy and work, I will have you walking normally again.” It only took 5 months! Sean was both patient and persistent with all of the exercises aimed at improving my motion and mobility. I will always appreciate what Sean did for me and know that I will recommend Positive Energy Physical Therapy.

John Clayton

Although very hesitant, I followed my orthopaedic surgeon insistence to go to physical therapy at Positive Energy. When I came to Positive Energy I was very worried about my balance and function after an accident, fall, and subsequent surgery and hospital stay. I could not step off of a curb without an intense fear of falling over. I also had problems getting up from a sitting on a sofa or bench. I made a commitment to doing the clever exercises 5 days a week, come rain or shine. I can proudly, gladly, and very happily report that I can now step off of any curb without fear and my balance and overall health have improved dramatically. I feel 100% more confident in all that I do physically and that I have found the health and physical therapy magician expert I’ve been seeking for many years.

Georgetta Blunt

The name “Positive Energy” is appropriate—you feel it as soon as you walk in the door. Recovering from a revision knee surgery I was in a lot of pain and apprehensive about any therapy due to past experiences. They inspired and encouraged me to do more than I thought I was capable of. Each exercise was unique to my case and I feel confident I can do them properly to keep me in a healthier state. You guys have gone above and beyond! Thank you for all of the love and care that you give so unselfishly.



Hermelinda S.

63 year old female, house wife from Lawndale, CA


History Of Injury: Gradually increasing knee pain resulting in the inability walk or navigate stairs without pain. She underwent total knee replacement and post-op presented with severe knee stiffness, pain, and weakness. She ambulated with a walker and for only very short distances. She was unable to ascend and descend stairs.

Goal: To be able to walk 1.5 miles without knee pain and navigate stairs without pain.

Diagnosis: Left knee osteoarthritis.


Operation: Left total knee replacement.


Positive Energy Physical Therapy Action Plan:

  • Restore knee range of motion
  • Recover quadriceps and gluteal strength
  • Muscle recruitment and lower limb mechanics
  • Normalize gait pattern


After 2 weeks of PT

  • Walking without walker or cane

After 2.5 months of PT

  • Full knee range of motion
  • Walking over 1.5 miles without pain
  • Navigating stairs without pain

Alex M.

14 year old female soccer player competing year-round on high school and club teams


History Of Injury: Direct trauma to knee with probable subluxation, multiple recurrent events during competition.

Diagnosis: Patella tracking abnormally.

Surgical Indications: Consider lateral release if issue is not resolved with physical therapy.


Positive Energy Physical Therapy:

Physical Therapy Action Plan:

  • Normalize patella and distal iliotibial band mobility
  • Recover quad strength and lower quarter stability
  • Recover full active and passive knee ROM
  • Restore normal walking and running mechanics
  • Agility training – jumping, landing and cutting
  • Return to soccer and run conditioning



  • 3 months at Positive Energy Physical Therapy
  • Full return to soccer without anterior keen pain
  • Advised by MD that surgery would not be indicated



Statement From Alex:
The physical therapy at Positive Energy got me back on the field quickly and feeling stronger than ever before. The rehab, knowledge and advice far exceeded my expectations.

Steve C.

26 year old male runner from Torrance, CA


History Of Injury: Gradually increasing knee pain not associated with any specific trauma that began while training for a half marathon 2-3 months ago.

Goal: He is already signed up for his first full marathon in less than 2 months—the LA marathon. He hopes to finish and without pain.

Diagnosis: Left IT band tendonitis and bilateral pes planus.


Positive Energy Physical Therapy Action Plan:

  • Restore TFL/IT band mobility
  • Recover gluteal muscle power and function
  • Muscle recruitment and lower limb mechanics
  • Running movement re-education


After 2 weeks (4 visits) of PT

  • Able to employ new running mechanics for 4 miles
  • Discharged to home exercise program of corrective exercises and running movement re-education

1 month later, on March 17, 2013

  • Finished his first full marathon
  • LA Marathon, Chiptime 5:02:08
  • NO knee pain


Statement From Steve:
The marathon went well without any injury whatsoever! I didn’t feel any knee pain throughout the entire 26.2 mile run. I continue to do the corrective exercises and my IT band issues have completely gone away. Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Tom W.

33 year old male, native of Palos Verdes, husband and father


History Of Injury: Training for the Palos Verdes Marathon.

Diagnosis: Right Achilles tendon tear.

Surgical Procedure: Repair on 04/19/2010 and subsequent revision on 11/23/2010.


Positive Energy Physical Therapy:
Approximately 4 months after his initial procedure, Tom’s functional ability was severely limited and he had moderate to severe pain walking and standing. Tom was referred to Positive Energy Physical Therapy after his second procedure.


Physical Therapy Action Plan: April 2012

  • Restore tissue mobility
  • Refine eccentric control & landing mechanics
  • Recover calf strength, power & endurance
  • Running movement reeducation



6 weeks
Running on treadmill with minimal pain
12 weeks
Running 3-5 miles, 3-4 days/week
6 months
Running 4 days per week focusing on velocity
7 months
Run 5 miles, play soccer, football and basketball


Statement From Tom:
I think your efforts got me to a realistic recovery point – no pain when idle, no tenderness, the ability to take in moderate distances running and play sports. I really appreciated your focus and attention to my situation. You listened to my issues and formed a plan to deal with the problems in a way that I had not tried with the first PT. They seemed to focus only on “standard” methods and then did not know how to help me when those things did not work.

Joanne M.

40 year old female, mother of two boys, physical therapist at Little Company of Mary Hospital


History Of Injury: Injury to knee while participating in P90X. History of multiple patella subluxations.

Diagnosis: Complete ACL rupture, medial meniscus tear, and grade II chondromalacia.

Surgical Procedure: ACL repair with allograft, medial menisectomy, and chondroplasty.


Physical Therapy Action Plan:

  • Recover active and passive ROM
  • Recover gait and normalize patterns
  • Muscle recruitment and lower limb mechanics
  • Regain muscle power
  • Protect against high patellofemoral forces
  • Return-to-sport: hopping, deceleration, cutting


7 months at Positive Energy Physical Therapy
At 10 months post-op, Joanne ran a 5K Trail run in Irvine. Has returned to all activity including squats and burbees without hesitation or anxiety. Patient reports range of motion is full and strength is better.


Statement From Joanne M:
Mr. Ryan was an outstanding physical therapist who encouraged me to push myself during my recovery. He’s very knowledgeable about sports injuries and very passionate about motivating his patients. He made me feel confident each step of the process.


Jessica W.

39 year old female, South Bay native & resident of Hermosa Beach, avid outdoor enthusiast and mother of two boys


History Of Injury: Snowboarding accident at Mammoth Mountain.

Diagnosis: Left proximal humerus fracture.

Surgical Procedure: ORIF Jan 2011.


Positive Energy Physical Therapy:
Jan 2011 – Jan 2012 management of non-union with virtually no function of left arm. Jan 2012 began physical therapy and after 7 weeks of care without desirable outcomes, Jessica was referred to Positive Energy Physical Therapy.


Physical Therapy Action Plan: April 2012

  • Reduce pain
  • Restore motor control
  • Recover active and passive GH ROM
  • Return to recreation: Pilates, yoga, running & golf


8 months at Positive Energy Physical Therapy
Jessica reports that her arm is feeling about 90% of Normal. PROM and strength continue to improve. We are confident that she will be able to avoid additional corrective surgeries.


Statement From Jessica:
Sean has pushed me harder than I ever thought possible. His commitment to me has never faltered. He is the most hands on therapist always showing concern about quality of movement and not quantity of movement. I have trusted him from day one and he has not let me down. Today, I can do things I never thought I would ever do again. Thank you Sean and Positive Energy for giving me my quality of life back.